Productivity Tools Every Legal VA Needs

As a legal virtual assistant, staying organised and efficient is crucial for juggling the diverse tasks required by your clients. The right tools can streamline your workflow, save time, and ultimately allow you to offer better service to those you support. Let's dive into some of my go-to productivity apps and systems that keep me laser-focused:


  • Toggl: Time Tracking

Accurate time tracking is essential for transparent billing and assessing your own efficiency. Toggl is my top choice for its simplicity and powerful reporting capabilities. It lets you easily track time spent on different projects, clients, and activities, giving you valuable insights into where your time is going.

  • Apple Reminders: The Simple and Effective

Sometimes, the simplest tools are the best. Apple Reminders is built right into my iPhone and Mac, making it quick and easy to jot down to-dos, set deadlines, and receive timely alerts. I love its seamless integration across my devices and how it keeps me on top of even the smallest errands.

  • Google Calendar: Scheduling Master

Managing multiple client schedules can be a headache, but Google Calendar brings order to the chaos. Its color-coding capabilities, appointment sharing features, and integration with other apps make it a powerful tool for organizing my days, weeks, and months. Plus, the automatic reminders help ensure I'm always prepared for meetings and deadlines.

  • Driversnote: Mileage Tracking Made Easy

If your role involves travel to client sites or attending court appearances, Driversnote is an absolute lifesaver. It automatically tracks mileage using GPS, making expense calculation a breeze. No more fumbling with paper logs or trying to manually calculate the distances you've travelled!

  • Xero: Accounting Simplification

Xero is an intuitive cloud-based accounting software that I find particularly user-friendly. I love how it can be fully customized to the needs of my business and the specific way I need to bill clients. It allows me to manage invoices, reconcile bank statements, and track financial data without needing an accounting degree. Plus, if you're new to Xero, you can use my referral link (  to get a fantastic 75% off for the first six months, making it an even sweeter deal to manage your finances!

  • Paidnice: Getting Paid Without the Headache

It's not just about doing the work, it's about getting paid for it too! Paidnice is a service that integrates with accounting software like Xero. It automates sending invoices and reminders which can greatly contribute to maintaining a healthy cashflow

The Key Is Finding What Works For You

These are just some of my favourite tools, but the productivity landscape is vast! Here are some tips for finding the perfect setup:

  • Identify Your Pain Points: Are you constantly forgetting appointments? Wrestling with spreadsheets? Analyse where you're losing time before exploring solutions.
  • Free Trials: Most apps offer free trials or basic plans, so experiment before committing.
  • Don't Be Afraid to Switch: If a tool isn't serving you, don't be afraid to ditch it and try something new.

Let's Share and Learn

I'm always looking for ways to improve my efficiency. What are your favourite productivity tools? Share them in the comments below! Let's help each other streamline our workflows and become the ultimate legal VA powerhouses.



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